A look back at the Alfa Romeo SZ and RZ (1989 – 1994) 0

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The SZ was first conceived as the ES30 design study in 1987. Later named the Sprint Zagato, it caused quite a sensation when it was released, not least because it was styled by Alfa Romeo and not Zagato as many people would logically expect.

In fact, it was the controversial styling that led to the SZ acquiring the nickname ‘il Mostro’ or the monster, its looks proving divisive to say the least.

The polarising nature of the SZ meant that for all the haters, there were also many who absolutely loved the coupe, as a result Alfa released a production version at the 1989 Geneva Motor Show. It was based on a heavily modified 75 V6 platform meaning it had the bite under the bonnet to back up the bark its unconventional looks made.  

The SZ came into its own when taking corners, able to generate 1.1g of lateral load and like its direct predecessors, boasted 50:50 weight balance.

The RZ (Roadster Zagato) was released shortly after the SZ, and featured slightly toned down look compared to its coupe sibling. A mere 284 roadsters were made, the production run lasted for a year between 1993 and 94. This makes any remaining RZs today highly sought after by collectors.

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