A look back at the Aston Martin DB5 (1963 – 1966) 0

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We really don’t need to preface this car with an introduction. The picture speaks for itself. Yes, it’s that car (hums the James Bond theme).

You might be surprised to learn that this iconic vehicle was never originally intended to be called the DB5. Initially an evolution of the DB4, the DB5 was slated to be called the Series 6, but Aston Martin changed its mind at the last minute.

Appearing as 007’s car of choice most notably in Goldfinger and Thunderball (it also made smaller cameos in later films – most recently Spectre with Daniel Craig), Aston Martin proudly dubbed the DB5 ‘the most famous car in the world’ after the films.

Styling wise, the DB5 was smoother and sleeker than its predecessor. Sporting headlamps that were more faired-in, plus a smoother rear end, the DB5 represented for many car-lovers the zenith of this particular bunch of Aston Martins.

The engine was upgraded to 4.0-litres, providing 282bhp as standard (the Vantage offered 314bhp). Disc brakes were fitted across the range and the first round of cars released all had five gears.

Much like previous Astons, there were a wide range of body variations which included the rare Radford DB5 shooting brake estates. For those in sunnier climes – a jet setting James Bond perhaps – there was a convertible version of the DB5 (Aston Martin were yet to start using the Volante title). Additional bracing provided further structural rigidity to compensate from the lack of a roof, although the sophisticated superleggera structure meant the DB5 could handle the lack of a roof robustly.

Overall, as you’d expect from a car of this premium, production of the DB5 was short, ending in 1965. A further 37 convertibles were produced after the initial run ended and Aston Martin would subsequently adopt the Volante title to describe all its later soft-tops.

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