A look back at the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (1973 – 1984) 0

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When it was first launched back in 1973, the Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (or BB as it became known) was the one true rival to the Lamborghini Countach for the title of fastest supercar. And like it’s fellow Italian, it wasn’t entirely perfect.

Powered by a aa-new flat-12 engine that shared its capacity with the outgoing V12, the BB was the first example of a Ferrari with belt-driven camshafts. Some of the claims regarding its top speed were pretty far fetched, but the Berlinetta Boxer was easily capable of 175mph. In line with its racing styling, the tail section was lifted to show off the bare bones of the chassis and engine, which due to its low-lying layout was positioned over the transmission.

1976 saw the BB have its engine capacity increased to 4942cc. The modified version – known as the 512BB – was very similar to the earlier car, with the exception of the lower nose with integrated spoiler to keep the front end from lifting. Colourwise, the 512BB was entirely red, losing the black lower side of its predecessor. The 5.0-litre flat-12 was given a Bosch fuel injection in 1981, which boosted it to 20bhp. Performance was only marginally improved over the original, and it could just about hit 180 mph if conditions were favourable.

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