A look back at the Ferrari Dino 206 and 246 (1969 – 1974) 0

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Many things distinguish the Ferrari Dino: its unique styling, the quite beautiful handling, the gorgeous thrum of the V6 revving – take your pick. Amongst the more unique aspects of the Dino however, is the fact it doesn’t wear a Ferrari badge at all.

Named after Enzo’s late son, the Dino was marketed as just that – ‘the Dino’. This didn’t stop everyone calling them Ferrari Dinos though.

The car heralded several firsts for Ferrari, significantly it was both the company’s first mid-mounted sports car and also the first road-going V6.

The Dino originally came in 2.0-litre form, but this version lacked torque and only 150 were produced before Ferrari ramped up to a 2.4-litre and 195bhp. These later Dinos were made from steel, with an iron (instead of alloy) engine block. The quad-cam V6 could take the 246 to 140mph.

1972 saw a Dino released with a removable roof and no rear side windows. This model was hugely popular and proved a real competitor to the Porsche 911.  

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