Bloodhound supersonic car to make first public appearance 0

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A British car built to break the land speed record has begun public trials in Cornwall.

The Bloodhound SSC is conducting “slow-speed” trials at Newquay Airport in preparation for its record attempt that will take place on a dried out lakebed in South Africa.

The jet propelled car will be piloted by RAF Wing Commander Andy Green for the attempt scheduled to take place in 2019.  

“This is about showing the world what we’re about,” said Wing Commander Green.

“We’ve designed and built the most extraordinary, sophisticated, high-performance land speed record car in history. It will do 0-200 mph in about eight seconds. For a five-tonne vehicle – that’s eye-popping performance,” he told BBC News.

Green has history breaking land speed records, in 1997 he was the driver of the Thrust SSC vehicle that broke the sound barrier in the Nevada desert, clocking up a speed of 763 mph.

The Bloodhound has improved on the technology used by thrust and is powered by the same engine used by the RAF Eurofighter jets.

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