Cute animal pics to cheer you up as winter looms 0

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Okay, we hold our hands up, no way to sugarcoat it. This blog is about cute animals…

Yes, I know we’re a car servicing provider. But even we, at Servicing Stop HQ get a bit gooey where cute animals are concerned. And as Autumn starts to bite and things get dark, cold and dingy. We thought we’d take a break from retrospective looks at Ferraris, and the worst Formula 1 teams of all time, by turning our attention to something a bit more…well absolutely adorable*

*said in that embarrassing voice that people tend to talk to pets and babies with.

Photographer David Yeo – winner of the British Life Photographic competition – has been capturing the tiniest, cutest and downright cuddly little animals out there for his show ‘Engineered by Nature’ – recently exhibited at the Leica Studio in Mayfair. If his pics don’t lift your spirits at this most trying time of year, than you must be ice cold. Shame on you.  

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What Yeo has done, is photograph the little critters against specifically engineered objects that take the focus away from the cute, and make us instead contemplate the reason for their intricate design. Many animals are small by design as a way of survival.

A smaller body requires less energy and food and it’s easier for them to retain body heat as their bodies have a smaller surface area from which heat can escape.

Interestingly, this is why all sorts of small animals first appeared during the last ice age.

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Whilst it’s an interesting concept, we’d have to say he’s only been partially successful. They are very cute after all. Okay, back to cars and all that…

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