Dartmoor parking ‘honesty boxes’ abandoned after raising just 15p per car 0

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After ten years, the parking ‘Honesty’ boxes situated at Dartmoor’s many car parks are set to be abandoned.

It’s easy (and a touch cynical) to say that this idea was doomed from the start, after all why would motorists fork out for something they don’t have to? Sometimes however, it’s nice to imagine there’s still some generosity of the human spirit floating around out there.

It was around ten years ago that the Dartmoor National Park Authority decided to introduce ‘pay what you think’ parking fee collection boxes, hoping most patrons would cough up the suggested £1 donation. Unfortunately, most who visited the spot of natural beauty opted for the tight-fisted option of paying exactly zilch. On average, the boxes have collected a paltry 15p per vehicle over the past decade.

After a parking ticket machine scheme was trialled at one car park in Princetown, revenues jumped four-fold and the powers-that-be decided to bin the Honesty Boxes.

From April 2018, the boxes will be replaced by a compulsory £2 parking charge. The funds raised will go towards the £200,000 needed to maintain the moor’s six car parks.   

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