Feast your eyes: The new Bentley Continental GT3 0

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Sometimes words just just don’t do justice. This is one of those occasions when you should just sit back and let the truly splendid thing you’re casting your eyes upon do the talking.

But this is a motoring blog so I should try I suppose. Okay, so this is the new Bentley Continental GT3 racer, stripped down to the bone and ready to kick the butt of any wannabe contenders.    

Based on the all-new Continental GT that was revealed earlier in 2017, some serious beefing up has been clearly taken place ahead of the 2018 GT3 season.

The former Bentley Conti GT3 will be a tough act to follow. Over its four year lifespan, it entered 528 races, made the podium 120 times and notched 45 wins. No pressure then…

If true speed was based purely on looks, the battle for next season would already be won. The new incarnation looks truly menacing. Bentley’s motorsport director, Brian Gush, says the new car “leaves no area or system untouched in the search for even better performance and the early test results are promising.’

So what’s under the bonnet? How about a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 fronting ‘in excess of 550bhp’ sent straight to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transition with a carbon fibre propshaft and limited-slip diff. Very light it is too, weighing in at just 1300kg.

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