Fiat 500 painted by Tracey Emin expected to fetch £70,000 0

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A rare Fiat 500 that has been painted by contemporary artist Tracey Emin is expected to fetch at least £70,000 when it goes under the hammer.

The latest generation of superminis was released ten years ago in 2007. FIat decided to celebrate the occasion by commissioning Emin to design a wrap made from vinyl to fit four cars. The quartet were originally revealed at the Royal Academy.

Now, one of the four vehicles with a mere 13 miles on the clock has been placed up for sale by its private collector owner. It features various doodlings of bears plus Emin’s distinctive signature. The words ‘Dark Dark Dark’ are written backwards across the bonnet.

Will Daniels, of Brightwells auction house, said: “As one of only four Tracey Emin-styled cars, this sale presents an incredibly rare opportunity.

“The work is typical of her style, which combined with the fact it has her signature on, ensures there will be significant interest from collectors.

“We expect it to appeal to two markets, both automotive and art.

“Unlike most cars, which depreciate in value after leaving the factory, this one has maintained its worth due to the Emin connection.

“Records show that it’s never been registered for the road and barely been driven at all, thus is offered in fantastic condition.”

The model will be sold by Brightwells in Leominster, Herefordshire on September 27.

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