Formula One: The worst teams 0

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Number #10 – Mastercard Lola

With Lewis Hamilton tearing up the current F1 season in his all conquering Mercedes, we thought we’d take a moment for a retrospective look back at some of the less successful driver/team combinations, which were for one reason or another – absolutely awful. And they don’t get much worse than 1998’s Mastercard Lola team.

Lola had actually been providing chassis for other F1 outfits for a number of years, with the intention of entering its own team at some point – most likely the 98 season. However, pressure from main sponsor Mastercard saw the car entered far ahead of schedule for the 97 season after a rushed and completely inadequate development programme.

When it lined up for the season opener at the Australian Grand Prix, expectations were not high for good reason. The car was terrible. An in-house V10 engine hadn’t been finished in time so the team was forced to use a severely lacking in power Ford V8. So rushed was the development, the car had not been tested in a wind tunnel, therefore the aerodynamics were abysmal.

Unfortunate drivers Vincenzo Sospiri and Ricardo Rosset were 11-13 seconds behind the rest of the field during qualifying – therefore not making the race. That was the last anyone ever saw of Mastercard Lola in F1. Great colour scheme though…   

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