Man who forgot where he parked reunited with car 20 years later 0


Frankfurt 1997 – man reports his car as stolen to the police.

Frankfurt 2017 – man reunited with his car after it is finally tracked down. Turns out it wasn’t stolen after all, the owner had just forgotten where he parked twenty years ago.

Assuming it had been the victim of thieves, the man had reported it stolen. It was eventually found hidden away where he had originally parked it in an old industrial unit that was earmarked for demolition.

Needing it removed before the bulldozers could move in, police tracked down the owner, a 76-year old man, and reunited him with his car.

Sadly the years of inactivity had taken their toll and the car was no longer functional.

“The car can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap,” Frankfurt authorities said.

Germany has its fair share of forgetful car owners. The story mirrors an earlier episode where another car owner was reunited with his car two years later after he’d forgotten where he’d left it following a drinking binge. It turned out to be a costly bender, as the car had 40,000 euros cash in the boot and 50,000 euros worth of tools.

But it’s not only the Germans. A man from Scotland forgot where he parked his car after attending a Stone Roses gig in Manchester. He was reunited with it six months later, where he had originally parked it. Sadly in this case, the car was plastered with £5,000 worth of parking fines.

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