Minardi: The worst Formula One team ever 0

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Minardi. A name synonymous with Formula 1, but not for illustrious reasons.

Never contenders, usually if you heard the name Minardi mentioned by Murray Walker et al during the commentary, it would be followed by either ‘retires’ or ‘engine failure’.

Founded in 1979, the team first graced the Formula 1 circus in 1985 and found the going a struggle right from the start. In the seasons from 85 to 90 Minardi accrued a grand total of 3 points; things did get better however…

The years from 1991 to 1994 were Minardi’s ‘golden period’ if it could really be termed that. The team picked up 19 points in what would be their peak. This was as good as it got though, the final years from ‘94 to the end in 2005 saw the team reestablish themself as a perennial back marker, never finding any sort of competitiveness.

The latter years saw the team under the stewardship of Paul Stoddart, who acted as a mouthpiece for the poorer teams, admirably campaigning for lower costs and fairer deals. This attitude and approach gained Minardi a legion of fans, who celebrated the team’s constant underdog status.   

By the time it was all over, and the remnants of the team were absorbed into Red Bull’s secondary team Toro Rosso, Minardi despite never being contenders could at least claim to be one of Formula 1’s most loved teams. The list of worthy drivers who began their careers there is lengthy, Mark Webber, Jarno Trulli, Fernando Alonso and Giancarlo Fisichella amongst them.

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