The things that really tick-off drivers the most… 0

Close-up of a senior man driving a car

A guest blog written by Servicing Stop PR Executive Jacqueline Gordon

While some drivers are tolerant, others are full of pent-up rage that seems to manifest itself on motorways, traffic jams and when stuck behind a slower driver. But what is it that makes drivers tick, and what do motorists themselves want banished from the roads?

Our new survey quizzed more than 1,200 motorists about what they thought was the single most annoying part of being a driver and what they would like to be made illegal.

The survey’s most common answer revealed ‘other road users’ to be the main annoyance of the majority of drivers with over a third said it was dealing with bad drivers that annoyed them the most.

One in five drivers said being stuck in traffic was the thing that most irked them about driving.

The cost of driving was a major concern for some (17%), while 10% said it was trying to find a suitable parking space or small parking spaces making it difficult to park.

9% of motorists said badly designed traffic light systems were the single most irritating thing.

And the things that drivers want banned from the roads?

Just under half of drivers surveyed said driving whilst wearing earphones should be made illegal; while 30% said smoking in the car should be completely banned. More than a quarter more would like eating behind the wheel outlawed.

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