Top 10 Great British Drives 0


Dartmoor Landscape

Whether you are planning a staycation or a UK holiday to get over the one you just come from there are many fabulous destinations in the UK to drive to. But what are the greatest British drives that you can try out? Although the UK is relatively small, and less capable of providing the same epic cross country journeys as the United States, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a great road trip.

Below we explore some of the top diving destinations to explore while the sun shines.

1 – Dartmoor

It’s possible to explore the south west of England by road via Dartmoor; as well as being a National Park with miles and miles of open land, Dartmoor is also ideal for camping and exploring small villages and pubs if you’re crossing from Devon into Cornwall.


2 – Penrith to Haydon

One of the best driving roads in the UK, Penrith connects to Haydon in Northumberland through the A686. With relatively quiet roads and the chance to enjoy long stretches of beautiful countryside, this route is recommended if you’re driving through the north of England.


3 – London to Brighton

If you just fancy getting out of the capital for a bit, a drive from London to Brighton can be a great way to get down to the coast. The quickest route to Brighton is via the M23, although you can also take the A23 to make the most of the Weald and the South Downs on the way.


4 – The Scottish Highlands

For more remote trips, the Scottish Highlands come particularly recommended; it’s possible to drive for hundreds of miles through the Highlands, with the M90 from Edinburgh to Perth representing a good place to start from for a trip.


5 – The Norfolk Coast

Another road trip that can be completed relatively close to London, the Norfolk Coast is ideal for long drives along the coastline; routes from King’s Lynn to Cromer can enable you to see nature reserves, while heading inland via the B1355 can also be a good way to see East Anglia.


6 – The Evo Triangle

When driving in Wales, it’s worth taking a few hours to enjoy a drive between the A5, A543, and the B4501, otherwise known as the Evo Triangle; this allows you to enjoy some winding roads and paths at relatively high speeds.


7 – The Lake District

One of the best National Parks for driving, the Lake District includes driving routes that start from Ambleside and continue along the A592 towards Ullswater Lake. The Park is also notable for its zig zag roads and stunning mountain landscape.


8 – Isle of Man

For an island drive, it’s hard to get past the Isle of Man as one of the best in the UK. You can take a long loop around the island, using the Peel harbour as a starting point, or you can tackle the inland TT course route.


9 – Yorkshire Moors

Large stretches of the Moors are excellent for driving, with rolling hills and the A1079 via York offering great opportunities to see parts of the north of England. 114 mile routes can be taken that run adjacent to the Cleveland Way National Trail.


10 – John O’Groats to Land’s End

A more ambitious road trip in the UK involves crossing from John O’Groats in Scotland to Land’s End in Cornwall (or vice versa). The whole route is 874 miles, and has been completed in the past by JCBs, electric cars, and even Lawnmowers.

Whether hitting back roads and National Park trails in a Cooper MINI, or crossing from John O’Groats to Land’s End in a BMW, we think these are some of the best drives available in the UK.

We advice you ensure you are up to date with your car servicing before hitting the road to ensure safety and a trouble-free road trip.