Ford breaking the mpg barrier 0

The new diesel powered Ford Focus ECOneticaims to be the most efficient car on the road, even more efficient than hybrid vehicles. Many drivers may go against the green cars of today as they may feel that they compromise their driving experience. However when driving the ECOnetic, it will not drive and feel like a typical green car according to Ford.

Rather than using a different type of fuel or running on batteries, Ford have come up with an innovative technology in order to give the car lower fuel consumption. 67mpg/80mpg with a C02 output of less than 95g/km are the statistics being quoted for car achievements are expected to be.

So exactly what features does the car have that represent Ford’s supposedly brilliant fuel saving technology? Well firstly the ECOnetic will contain the technology of Ford’s auto start-stop. Simply put start-stop is the turning off of the engine automatically whilst the car is stationary. It goes without saying that this feature in particular can save plenty of fuel, sometimes up to 10% depending on the engine size.

Typically the car has an active grille shutter. This makes the car more aerodynamic by automatically shutting its grill fans when they are needed to be used, saving fuel and energy.  A revised final drive ratio has also been implemented on the new Ford Focus in order to help it achieve its record breaking fuel economy. This technology raises the overall gearing, as a result the engine speed is reduced giving more fuel economy when cruising using the maximum gear.  The tyres also contribute to the cars low fuel economy with them being low rolling resistance tyres. In essence they lessen a tyres rolling effort which will improve a car’s fuel efficiency.

Another advanced ECOnetic technology within the car is that of Smart Regenerative Charging. This basically charges the battery but by doing so ensuring that it is charged efficiently and saving energy. Cleverly, no additional fuel is used as the Smart Regenerative Charging System converts kinetic energy into electric energy. This electric energy is used to charge the battery.

Ford Eco Mode is a piece of software with the aim of assisting the driver to become more aware of how to lower the fuel consumption. It does this by examining parameters (speed, shifting of gears) of which contribute directly to fuel consumption. It’s gear-shift indicator is another clever ECOnetic piece of technology. Embedded into the car, drivers will be signalled when it is the correct time to change gear. Normal driving habits incur such things like over-revving. Shift indicator looks to reduce such things therefore optimising fuel consumption.

There are plenty more technological advances used within the car to enhance its fuel economy. It’s really mind blowing to imagine exactly how much time and effort goes into designing and implementing this technology.

With the current Ford Focus already being very fuel efficient, you would think replacing it to be even more economical version would be a mean feat.  However Ford seemed to have pulled it out the bag, but we will have to wait until next year until the vehicle is available for purchase.

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