125 Years of Mercedes-Benz 1

It’s scary to think that 125 years ago Mercedes-Benz were the first to apply for a patent for the world’s first automobile. We take a look at the successful German car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz for their 125th anniversary. When people think of Mercedes-Benz, they may think of their triple pointed star logo and their fantastic luxury cars. Not to mention cars that they are extremely reliable with all of its different types of cars whether they are sport or luxury, having excellent mechanical engineering running the car with interior and exterior features built to the highest standard.

Luck on was Mercedes-Benz side this year for its 125th anniversary as they announced a record 610,531 sales between the beginning 6 months of the year. In fact despite the troubled global financial situation at the moment, Mercedes-Benz recorded their best financial results ever with 120,510 cars sold in June alone, with sales between April and June consisting of a record breaking 329,979 sold.

The first passenger car developed by Mercedes-Benz in 1990 called the 35 HP and is considered indeed the first ever modern car. From here history for the company was created, with the 35 HP being the pioneer paving the way for the rest. In the upcoming years from the 1920’s Mercedes-Benz created automobiles that contained brakes on every wheel and also made the first multiple passenger car.  Further on into the century Mercedes-Benz implemented more safety and technical innovations on their cars, laying down foundations for successful models in the future.

Success of the brand can’t however be put down purely to its innovations on engineering and safety. Designs of the car throughout the years have also been a major attraction for customers. The philosophy applied to the designs of various Mercedes-Benz throughout the years has left little room for criticism and negativity. It can be said that the philosophy applied ensures all cars maintain the look of a classy, elegant and luxurious car.

It can be no surprise that Mercedes Benz have continually provided top-class cars for an upper class market throughout the years. It seems that they didn’t have much of a down turn compared to other car companies during the recession, thanks to a change in strategy and feasible forecasting. World class staff adopting the highest standards at top positions in the company has helped them reach the top for the last 125 years and counting. Who’s to say that Mercedes can last another 125 years?

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