2017’s most hotly anticipated cars #14 – The Mazda CX-5 0

2017s-most-hotly-anticipated-cars-14-The-Mazda-CX-5As January rumbles relentlessly on, we continue our look ahead to some of the most anticipated cars set to be released throughout 2017. Again, in no particular order, next up for our spotlight is the…

Mazda CX-5

It’s always a hard act to follow something good. The outgoing CX-5 was a thoroughly decent car, it looked good, it drove well, and it was highly practical. It was never going to adorn many bedroom walls across the globe, but then, what crossover is? It accomplished all the basics highly competently, and was well priced to boot. Whatever Mazda gave us to replace the first edition would always have some big shoes to step into.

Early indications are extremely positive, the new edition’s exterior looks smarter than the original; whereas the interior has a far more ‘premium’ feel. The seats have their own ‘suspension mats’ to better support the driver and front passenger, and isolate them from poor road surfaces. The rear seats meanwhile are heated and have an innovative reclining system for better comfort. Passengers in the back also get their own climate control system.

The chassis, if more rigid than before, and an option available is torque vectoring, so no power is wasted by wheels spooling up on ‘stop-starty’ journeys. Not even the MX-5 has that level of tech.

We can expect to see the new CX-5 midway through the year.

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