8 in 10 people say holidays are spoilt by the car journey 0

8-in-10-people-say-holidays-are-spoilt-by-the-car-journeyHeavy traffic leading to horrendous car journeys is the number one reason for spoiling holidays or days out says a large percentage of British motorists.

In a recent survey conducted by Automyze, 81% of those asked said that the entire day out was ruined by the journey to it, 52% blamed traffic congestion.

It wasn’t just the outward journey that was capable of fouling up a fun day out, 34% said the day was ruined due to an inability to find anywhere to park. 10% were lucky to reach their destination after they complained of getting lost en route.

Automyze director Lucy Burnford said: “Brits are great opportunists and often take advantage of the UK’s sporadic days of heat to go on mini-breaks or drives to the coast,”

“While images of knotted handkerchiefs and fish and chips may conjure up the British summer of old, perhaps a line of traffic backed up in seaside towns is today’s more accurate depiction.”

In the survey, car drivers were also asked the things that wound them up most during summer road trips. Leading the field here was people who throw rubbish out of the window – this was a particular grievance of the 45-54 age range.

Large numbers of cyclists and selfish parking was the main bugbear for millennials and trundling caravans was the main irritant with those aged 35-44.

For the over 65’s, loud music pumping out of open windows was the thing likely to irritate you the most.

“The holiday season can mean warmish temperatures but even hotter heads,” said Burnford. Good advice it would seem for those about to take to the UK’s roads this summer.

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