A look back at the DeLorean DMC-12 (1981 – 1982) 0

Blog 3 31-08

Let’s not kid ourselves, there are few people that will look at the DeLorean and not think of the Back to the Future film franchise. The eccentric car with a fascinating backstory has been forever immortalised by the three blockbusting movies from the ‘80s and will always be associated with flux capacitors, Marty McFly and Doc.

The films aside, the DeLorean has an interesting backstory and one certainly worth a revisit.

The genesis of the DeLorean project starts and ends with its designer, John Z DeLorean. Not only did he oversee the design of his sportscar from drawing board to it eventual roll out, but he was involved in the deals that helped get it into production as well as persuade the UK Government into underwriting the project.

The DMC-12 was a proper encapsulation of late-seventies futurism and on paper it looked incredible. Sporting a low, wedge shaped Giugiaro design, brushed steel outer skin, gullwing doors plus a fuel-injection 2849 cc V6 engine mounted 911-style at the vehicle’s rear end.

Sadly, the reality was a sobering disappointment. Many of DeLorean’s ingenious design flourishes were canned so the car could make it into production on time and within budget. The finished version was slightly ungainly in appearance; the V6 subsequently struggling to offer proper sporting performance. The handling was good, not spectacular, even after engineers borrowed from Lotus had tried to salvage the project.

The death-knell of the DeLorean project sounded in 1982 when the company collapsed after John Z was busted in the States on narcotics charges.

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