A look back at the Ferrari 500 Superfast (1964 – 1966) 0

A look back at the Ferrari 500 Superfast (1964 - 1966)

The 1964 Geneva Motor Show was the venue for the unveiling of the Ferrari 500 Superfast; the new model was met with universal acclaim from all and sundry.

Initially created as a replacement for the 400 Superamerica, the 500 was powered by a tidy 4962 cc engine, which was a hybrid developed from the Colombo and Lampredi V12 and could turn out a eye-watering 400 bhp.

The chassis shared similarities with the 330 GT, after 25,000 units had been built sharing the 400’s four-speed gearbox, a five speed version was released.  

Capable of over 170 mph, the moniker ‘Superfast’ was no exaggeration. It was claimed it could reach 100 mph in second gear. The styling and aerodynamics of the bodywork was a development of the Pininfarina ‘Coupe Aerodynamico’ first seen on the 400 Superamerica. That said, it wasn’t flawless and subsequently didn’t reach the levels of success that could’ve been expected for its time and place. A mere 37 cars were built in total. This meagre figure was another indication that once again, Ferrari’s efforts to crack the US had failed.

The rich and famous, such as Peter Sellers, were clients. Ultimately though, there were simply not enough multi-millionaires knocking around the world to buy them.

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