A look back at the Hillman Avenger (1970 – 1976) 0

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The Hillman Avenger was the car that Rootes/Chrysler attempted to sell to the world. For a brief period, it was exported to the United States as a Plymouth and found success in South America as a Dodge. It’s styling was more appealing than the Hunter’s and the engines were competent and lively: 1248cc and 1498cc from launch, 1295cc and 1598cc in 1973.  

The appeal of the range was improved significantly in 1973 when the Avenger Tiger was launched. The Tiger was originally intended for club level competition. The twin-carburettors it sported were easily tuned, with upgrades available to buy. Two versions were produced: Tiger 1 and Tiger 2, the latter lasting longer. Plenty of colour choices were available as well as aerodynamic upgrades. It was certainly plenty of fun but not in the same class as the Escort RS, which it was ultimately pitched against.

It’s true to say the Avenger never came close to being classed a true competitor to Ford or Vauxhall. Rebadged a Chrysler in 1976, then a Talbot in 1979 it remained in production until the plant at Linwood closed in 1981.

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