A look back at the Nissan 300ZX (1984 -1989) 0


It was natural that Nissan would want to build upon the success of the 260ZX. This came in the form of the 300ZX, an updated expansion of the former. The modern new styling didn’t catch the public’s imagination however, neither did its relatively zippy quick turbo form. The general consensus was that Nissan had moved too far away from the don’t-give-a-damn feel of the original 240Z.  

Under the skin everything was new; the 300ZX was the first in the Fairlady Z-line to feature a V6 engine. This wasn’t enough to see it overshadowed by more obviously illustrious sporting newcomers – the cheaper Porsche 944 and Lotus Excel most notably.

Despite the 300ZX looking a chip off the old block, it was more aerodynamic than before. A drag coefficient of only 0.30 ensured it was sprightly. In terms of straight line pace, the turbo delivered and whilst finesse was not high on the agenda, handling was much firmer than the Datsun 280ZX.

You couldn’t really call the 300ZX a sports car, not in the traditional sense. It simply wasn’t good enough to earn itself that moniker. Not many remain today, but not many are distraught by the fact.

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