A look back at the Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn (1949 – 1955) 0

Blog 2 31-08

The release of the Silver Dawn in 1949 was the first indication that the Rolls-Royce and Bentley ranges were unifying. The car was a badge-engineered Bentley MkVI delivered as a entry level Rolls Royce, aimed at the ludicrously wealthy but slightly less aristocratic customers who didn’t necessarily want to stretch to the extravagance of having a chauffeur.

Up to this point, the majority of Rolls-Royces had been enormous limousine type vehicles, widely regarded as ‘the best cars in the world’ – certainly this was a view held by Rolls-Royce themselves. The late forties however were austere times, the war had taken a heavy financial toll, even on the very rich. Rolls-Royce needed to release a car that was relevant to the period, hence the Silver Dawn was born, a more compact Rolls, adapted from the Bentley MkVI for owners that would drive it themselves.

Under the bonnet, the engines were less powerful than their Bentley cousins and most cars had standard bodies manufactured from Pressed Steel. A few coachbuilt editions were also released.

From a total of 761 units produced, 73 have survived to this day.  

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