A look back at the Toyota A60 (1981 – 1985) 0

A-look-back-at-the-Toyota-A60Today, we take a trip down memory lane and revisit a popular sporty mainstay of the early 1980s. Ahead of its time in every sense, many motoring enthusiasts go misty eyed remembering the…

The Toyota A60

1981 saw the Celica range given a fairly severe square-rigged, smart and of the time facelift. In the same way as the previous updates had concentrated on equipment, practicality and comfort over all-out dynamicism, and it was available in two-door coupe and three-door liftback, as well as the rarely seen Sunchaser convertible. The third generation model sold well in the UK, remaining a strong force until being usurped by the front –wheel drive model in 1986.

A new development was the export to Europe of the Celica Supra. Known as the Celica XX in Japan, the Supra main difference between the two was the use of a six-cylinder engine up front, which gave Toyota a direct rival to the Capri 2.8 Injection and Alfa Romeo GTV6 in Europe. The power output started out at 168bhp and rose to 178bhp. Even so, the Supra was always more of a luxury tourer than a sports car.

Meaty, rear-wheel-drive handling made them popular in the drifting scene, but these cars are now emerging as true classics.


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