A look back at the Vauxhall Victor FB (1961 – 1964) 0

Following a decade that had seen a procession of its cars borrowing style nods from the more gregarious American offerings, the Victor FB was Vauxhall returning to a more conservative outlook.

Aesthetically, the FB was actually a massive progression. Designed by one of Britain’s top car designers, Gerald Palmer (formally of Jowett and Riley), the Victor FB was highly innovative for the time.

The new design was smart and understated; it helped the Victor FB become one of the company’s real success stories of the 1960s. The next decade would see the Victors that followed the FB perform and sell similarly well.

Four-door and five-door estates versions were available; the first versions (produced between 1961 and 1963) were powered by the same 1507cc engine as the F-type. After then, all Victors received a 1595cc engine with 58.5bhp, plus disc brakes.

Despite their underpowered engines and tendency to rust, the remaining Victors have a dedicated legion of fans. Over a thousand can still be found throughout the UK.         

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