A new road sign on its way? 0

Our previous pothole article discussed how dangerous and how much they cost Britain’s motorists. The accidents caused by potholes are a lot of the time due to unawareness of their presence motorists have said. Concerns have been addressed and a campaign has been launched to raise road signs which warn people of potholes. It is estimated that potholes themselves could cost drivers up to £400 a year, with every motorist coming across them up to 10 times a day.

It has also been suggested that 9 out 10 people are not aware of upcoming potholes when driving. Considering this the new road sign would certainly be worth considering. The sign which will be created by sign expert Phil Baines said “Warning road signs are there as a safety measure to warn drivers of potential dangers. Potholes certainly fall within that category.”

Mending all potholes in Britain could take a decade or more. There also aren’t enough funds to carry out fixing them all. The new road sign if used could be considered a step towards reducing insurance premiums. If accidents occurring from potholes are being reduced, insurance claims would naturally decrease. Safety road signs would seem like a suitable short-term solution to many while potholes are being fixed.

Confused.com have taken a significant step of starting a petition to get the sign created. The news would be welcoming to not only motorists, but cyclist and motor cyclists too who’s road safety is compromised even more by potholes.

Mike Hoban, the chief marketing officer of Confused.com released a statement which represented their intent of getting the pothole road signs up. “Although repairing these roads is obviously the long term solution, something needs to be done now. Currently the UK’s road signs include warnings for wild horses, wild animals, cattle and even toads but potholes aren’t considered worthy enough. A pothole road sign is a vital step in preventing accidents and reducing insurance claims.”

One company who are certain not be signing the petition are the AA. It appears that they are not convinced by the benefits of the potential new road sign.  Paul Watters, the Transport Policy Chief for the AA said “We should not be campaigning for a sign, we should be campaigning for the potholes to be fixed. It costs up to £100 to put up a sign but £50-£60 to fix a pothole.”

There are two strong arguments on both sides concerning pothole road signs. Although the new road sign does seem like a great idea, perhaps a bit more analysis should be done first following AA’s comments.

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