Automotive jobs secured thanks to BMW and Nissan 0

What crisis? The future for the automotive industry in Britain appears to be getting a lot healthier with the new generation of BMW Mini’s and the popular Nissan Qasquai being built in the UK. Both Nissan and BMW are pouring millions into facilities and the development of each car, securing 6000 and 5000 jobs respectively.

The BMW Mini is an extremely well known car in the UK and also very popular. The news that the new generation is to be built will be pleasing news to many.  A £500million investment over the next three years to build the new BMW Mini at their Cowley factory has saved a reported 5000 jobs. 850 jobs were lost during the recession at the same factory, highlighting the significance and great achievement of these automotive jobs being secured.

It goes without saying that BMW would expect the new Mini to be built to high volumes of quality that aims to better the previous Mini. The money poured into the facility shows enormous faith in the plant to develop the car. Other exciting news to emerge from this is that models of the Mini that have never been seen before are in the pipeline. BMW plan to release a coupe and a roadster version of the car.

Nobert Reithofer the BMW Chief executive has high hopes for the future saying ” We have started preparing our UK plants for production of the next generation Mini and this investment underlines that the UK will remain the heart of Mini production. The Mini brand has made a significant contribution to BMW Group’s success in markets around the world and we anticipate that this will grow further in the future.”

The Nissan Qasquai has also been a tremendous success since its introduction to the UK market. A testament to this is that 1,200 are produced daily, with the 1,000,000 model due to be pushed out later this month.

£192 million will be invested into developing the new Nissan Qashqai which will effectively secure 6000 jobs. The production process will be spread out throughout the UK involving London, Cranfield and Sunderland. The design of the car will be carried out in London, passed over for its technical development and built at their production plant in Sunderland.

Carlos Ghosn the Nissan chief executive was clearly proud of the Qashqai’s previous success and confident about the next one. He was quoted as saying “The UK has been a cornerstone of Nissan manufacturing since 1986, with the Sunderland plant setting important benchmarks for quality and efficiency in Europe and around the world. It’s the home of the Qashqai, one of Nissan’s biggest product successes. And as Nissan’s leadership in sustainable transportation grows, the plant will become one of the pillars of our zero-emission manufacturing.”

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