Benefits of owning a car 0

Many dismiss the idea of owning a car, citing drawbacks such as the price of petrol, maintenance insurance, tax etc. Owning a car can make your life a lot easier and at times save you money as well as hassle.  We’ll explore how more doors are opened in people’s lives if they own a car.


With a car you can go wherever you whenever you want. If there is an emergency at 3am in the morning or need to go shops, arranging public transport can be difficult to impossible. You can get to places far away which are normally impossible to get to without a car at a time that suits you. It’s easier to carry out normal activities such as shopping, the school run or travelling to play sports etc. Driving offers you the chance to be more independent.

Getting to work easier and on time

Owning a car means you can arrive at work earlier. Public transport can be unreliable can make people late, especially during rush hour. When driving, different routes can be taken to ensure that you arrive on time. You’ll also be able to sit in the comfort of your car upon your own terms rather than sitting uncomfortably or standing on public transport.


Your employability is also increased. With a car you can apply for jobs which are further away which are not generally reachable by public transport. Driving jobs are also a possibility when owning a car. Some jobs may require you to be mobile too and require you to travel.

Save Money

Driving could save you money as compared to using public transport especially on long distance travel.  In many cases using your car could mean paying less to travel about on a daily basis. An economical car could weigh better against the rising cost of public transport.

More choice when moving home

When you move home and have a car, you could purchase houses that may not be possible without a car. These could be homes that are in the county not near any transports links or houses in an area that is particularly far from your house. If you don’t own a car, you may have to move into more expensive regions such as near your work place where you’ll be paying higher mortgage rates. However owning a car allows you to live in a cheaper region so you can use the money saved to pay for a car.

Take out the family

If you have a large family, it can be difficult to travel with them especially with a young child. A car makes everything a lot more convenient when driving to school, shopping or on a family trip. There are also many more possibilities for different kinds of trips with a car. You could travel further out and go to a holiday destination not possible without a car.

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