Brazil’s automotive industry set to boom 0

By mid-decade automotive production is to see a major shakeup, according to reports. Japan is set to be overtaken by Brazil as the world’s third largest car market by 2015.

The two biggest car markets in the world at present, China and the USA, are expected to stay where they are. Sales within the Brazilian auto market are expected to double, with 6.6 million cars sold by the year 2020.

Major brands such as Volkswagen, Fiat and Ford have seen major success in Brazil for a long time. The bestselling car is the Volkswagen Gol (not to be mistaken with the Volkswagen Golf) with 27,203. It was the 6th month in a row that the car managed to remain on top as the country’s best seller. The Fiat Uno was just under and was Brazil’s second bestselling car after selling 24,947. Third places see the Chevrolet Celta, fourth has the Volkswagen Fox and in fifth place is the Chevrolet Corsa Sedan.

It was mentioned around the international automotive media that Brazil had realised major recent success. Year on year statistics showed that new car sales increased by 4% from August with 2,233,757 sold.

The prediction that Brazil will be the third biggest car market in the world could be accurate, but it would have a great deal of assistance from Indian and Chinese markets in terms of automotive production. Vehicles exported from those countries to Brazil would mean 10% of the market will belong to those two, it has been mentioned.

Does it come as a surprise? To some who are not keen following the automotive industry followers then you could say yes. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Many other profitable markets such as IT and electronics are also growing fast alongside the car market. The gap between rich and poor is slowly getting closer and closer. The days of the country being known for predominantly having 2 wheel transportation are now over.

Automotive production in Brazil is preparing for its biggest rise to prominence since its humble beginnings. Can the country continue its success and raise its own standards? Could they do even better than what is predicted?

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