Caring for your car – Hints & Tips 0

Caring-for-your-car--Hints-TipsDriving a nice clean car gives you a certain spring in your step as you buzz around town. Cleaning your car however can be a bore at the best of times. However, as the old saying goes ‘If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well’. So, with that in mind, here are a few car cleaning tips to help you make you motor truly sparkle this spring.

  1. Clean bird mess ASAP. There’s no elegant way of putting it: Bird mess corrodes your paintwork so clean it off immediately. A quick soaking using warm water and car shampoo should do the trick. This solution will dissolve the residue without much rubbing and just a light rinse afterwards with cold water.
  2. Use the correct products. Some household detergents commonly used as car washing products will damage your bodywork, paintwork and windows. Using approved car care products will give you the peace of mind of knowing what you’re using is not damaging your vehicle.
  3. Don’t wash your car in the sun. This may cause ugly water spotting over the vehicle resulting from lime scale residue. All the more noticeable in darker coloured cars, you can avoid such a thing happening by rinsing your car in the shade.
  4. Don’t wash your car just after a journey. Cold water impacting on warm wheel components will cause them to contract rapidly and could ultimately cause long term damage.
  5. Mask your trims. Protect your dark coloured trims by covering them with masking tape whilst polishing the rest of the bodywork.
  6. Be careful where you park. Being aware of your surroundings when you park is a good way to avoid damage/rusting via industrial fallout, corrosive tree deposits, or air with high salt content. People who park in railway station car parks often find their paintwork rusts over due to being sprayed with iron filings from high speed passing trains. If you have to park in such an area, be sure to wash your car as regularly as possible.

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