Council spy cars could be banned 0

cctv smart carsSome potentially good news for motorists. Those annoying spy camera cars are under consideration banned in the UK. The law could be changed as soon as January.

Many consider them to be an unjust way of councils making money. It is claimed that static and car mounted cameras have been used to issue 10 million parking fines over the past five years. This has raised £301 million for the council.

One in three councils earn more money on parking fines and school meals compared to council tax. The conservatives have proposed that spy camera cars and mounted parking cameras are banned with only visible traffic wardens permitted to film vehicles. Aggressive and unacceptable parking fines will come under review over the next coming months.

According to the conservatives, fines issued via CCTV are ‘detrimental to natural justice’. Drivers have no opportunity to review their parking location when they are caught.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said “We want to rein in these over-zealous and unfair rules on parking enforcement, so it focuses on supporting high streets and motorists, not raising money.”

Mr Pickles went on to say how spy cars are simply a ‘step too far’. Councils claim that spy cars are a great way of keeping the roads safe, especially near schools.  Many believe that is just an excuse, when in actual fact councils use the cars just to make more money unfairly.

Shopping in city centres have been effected it has been suggested. Business has been in decline due to parking issues.

Yellow lines have also come under scrutiny. Some of them have been deemed “unnecessary”. There are plans to remove some, coming as good news to many. Community residents will be given more power as to how many yellow lines can be painted.

A longer grace period has been proposed from five minutes to fifteen minutes, to allow a driver to return to his car. Motorists will also be given the right to claim compensation in regards to the cost and expense of appealing a parking fine.

All proposals have been published today. This would essentially mean that the Traffic Management Act 2004 would be updated.

Are clearly using underhand tactics with spy cars and CCTV cameras to make money out of motorists. We believe that the proposed changes will benefit motorists as well as businesses. Hopefully we won’t have to see council spy cameras any longer come in 2014.