Drivers leaving cars to defrost are breaking law warn police 0

drivers-leaving-cars-to-defrost-are-breaking-law-warn-police1Police have warned that drivers who stay in their warm houses whilst their cars sit with the engines running defrosting on the driveway, are breaking the law, police have warned.

It is an offense for drivers to leave their vehicles unattended with the engine running. This will come as unwelcome news to motorists as Britain is hit by the first proper cold snap of the year, with temperatures plummeting.

Unsupervised cars are also rich pickings for thieves, who pinched 6 cars in 30 minutes during one frosty morning this week.

Police have issued warnings as the mercury is set to stay low for the next few months. England and Wales recently experienced the coldest night of the season so far, with temperatures falling as low as -9.4 degrees centigrade according to figures released by the Met office.

A police spokesman warned: “Anyone who needs to defrost their vehicle must ensure they stay with it and don’t leave it unattended with the keys inside.

“Drivers should always be in control of their vehicle when the engine is running, even when they’re loading or unloading shopping or baggage.

“Leaving the engine running to ‘warm up’ during the winter months not only risks having the vehicle stolen, it’s against the law.


“Don’t make it easy for opportunist thieves because they don’t even have to go to the trouble of breaking into your vehicle if you have left it running for them.

“Insurance companies may not pay out if a vehicle is stolen in this way.”

These warnings have been issued after thieves stole six cars in a 30 minute period, whilst owners were defrosting them unattended on Tuesday morning.

The Central Motorway Police Group tweeted: “Seriously!!! That’s 6 cars stolen in last 30 mins just because people have left them unattended to defrost. Come on people, don’t do it!!”

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