Driving Instructor scores to be released 0

Driving-Instructor-scores-to-be-releasedThe Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is considering publishing rankings of the UK’s 40,000 driving instructors, in a move aimed at helping students select the best teacher in their area.

Concerned that the overall standards of driving tuition are falling, learners could soon have access to an Ofsted style rating system so they can make a more informed judgement on the teacher they select.

Today, less than 50% of driving tests are passed, some students have re-sat their tests up to 39 times before eventually passing. The rating system would help them avoid poor teachers in their locality.

In 2016, 48.6% of all driving tests were passed, a fall of 0.4% from the previous year. A Liverpool student took a staggering 39 attempts before finally passing. Two drivers in Weston-Super-Mare passed on their 36th attempt.

The DVSA have stated that the agency assesses the UK’s driving instructors on a regular basis. Only 30% fall into the highest category, the majority (69%) are ranked in the ‘merely satisfactory’ segment. At present, driving instructors do not have to share their scores with pupils, although 3% do so voluntarily.

The DVSA’s chief executive, Gareth Llewellyn said the agency was considering releasing the scores unless more instructors did not do so themselves.

He said: “We are encouraging driving instructors to publish their rating. If they don’t do that, then at some point we will compel them to do that. We will put out information into the public domain so that parents can choose a good driving instructor.”

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