Ferrari showroom re-opened in South Kensington 0

A Ferrari showroom located in Old Brompton Road, South Kensington had officially re-opened last week. The showroom has previously been closed for a 24 week period following a revamp of the premises. In total this cost £1.4 million.

The revamp was ordered by Ferrari in order to meet their corporate identity standards, where certain areas needed to be improved within. There are two floors within the new showroom, which now measure at over 800m².

New concept car

The brand new Ferrari concept car is now placed within the showroom, which was made in collaboration with Fortebis, the Roman architectural studio.

Configuration room within the showroom

Importantly, there is a brand new configuration room within the showroom. Now customers are able to specify exactly what they want their Ferrari be like. All extras and specifications can now be carefully personalised according to what the customer requires, giving clients a wonderful new experience. This will help to naturally entice sales. This is certainly one of the most important features of the new showroom.

A stronger presence in a key area

HR Owen Chief Executive Joe Doyle has welcomed the introduction of the new showroom saying “We’re proud to open this brand new showroom in association with one of our flagship marques and close partners, Ferrari. Along with our Ferrari Atelier at the Berkeley Hotel, the new showroom reinforces our position as the official retailer of Ferrari in London. The relaxing and comfortable environment chimes with our strategy to ensure customers have the best possible experience from purchase and throughout their ownership lifecycle.”

Matteo Torre, who is Ferarri’s North European Regional Manager has said the location and enhancing the experience for customers was highly vital. He said “Ferrari is committed to providing the highest level of customer care and we are delighted to see the newly renovated showroom opening here in London.”

“Having the best possible presence in London is very important for Ferrari, and I am delighted that HR Owen now has two Ferrari showrooms in key locations in the capital. I know we have many enthusiast clients in the area whose experience with the brand will be enhanced by these new facilities.”

Ferrari Atelier

The new showroom is introduced alongside HR Owen’s Ferrari Atelier which is located at the Berkeley Hotel, again in Knightsbridge. This particular showroom was opened by Felipe Massa, one of Ferrari’s formula one drivers in 2011.