Follow safe driving practices to avoid mishaps 0

driving safety,Nearly all motorists on a daily basis are guilty of certain driving habits can potentially lead to crashes, near misses or even fatalities. Some of these bad driving habits are not even considered as mistakes by many drivers as it comes to them as their second nature.

Adjusting all the side mirrors and rear view mirror before setting off is important for your safety. When looking into side mirrors, if part of your car is visible that means that you can’t get a full view of the road alongside your car. This could lead to near misses as an approaching vehicle may not completely visible. Drivers must also make sure that the mirrors suit their particular driving position in order to prevent them from turning their neck awkwardly and unnecessarily straining themselves.

The position of the seat is certainly an issue that many drivers don’t address. Comfortable sitting positions can affect the ability of the driver to properly control the vehicle. Many drivers may slouch in the seat or sit far too back. Drivers should ensure that they are able to extend their arms so their wrists can touch the steering wheel and their foot can press into the floor behind the brake whilst still staying completely seated.

Many drivers’ technique for manoeuvre can also be questionable. Not signalling while turning, signalling too early or too late, tailing cars too closely, when turning right not driving straight then turning right, speeding excessively or taking corners too slowly are just some poor methods to name a few. They can lead to accidents and cause other drivers frustration.

On motorways and dual carriage ways throughout Britain, many use the left lane which is intended for slower moving vehicles in order to overtake. When looking at the opposite side many motorists drive slow on the fast lane. Poor habits like that can bring about bad behaviour with unsafe overtaking and road rage being caused. If there is a driver not wanting to obey the speed limit and is driving right behind another driver forcing them to give way, it’s a safer option to let the car pass.

The use of mobile phones whilst driving has been made illegal for a number of years. Yet many still risk getting points on their license as well as their own life. Other distractions such as satellite navigation and radios can be dangerous. Driver’s eyes should always be focused on the road and anything else can wait for when the car is stationary or parked. Indeed new cars have the technology whereby in-built satellite navigation is only able to be touched when the car is stationary.

Many of these habits can help you to avoid mishaps, making Britain’s roads safer.

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