Formula One: The Worst Teams – Andrea Moda 0

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For some reason, Italy has a more seasoned track record in producing rubbish Formula 1 teams than most other countries put together. The last couple of weeks have seen us pick over the bones of the monstrosities that were the Life and Coloni teams. This week our retrospective spotlight of mediocrity falls upon another short lived attempt to compete with the big boys.

Number #07 – Andrea Moda

The Andrea Moda cars were former Simtek chassis with Judd V10 engines. In total, the team attempted to race 12 times but failed to pre-qualify on eight occasions. At the season opener for the 1992 season, the team was disqualified for non-racing reasons after failing to pay the fee required of new teams.

The team was beset by problems and bad luck, driver Perry McCarthy (BBC Top Gear’s first Stig) was not granted a license for his first race, the team constantly failed to pre-qualify, the transporter lorries were stuck in a blockade by French lorry drivers; this wasn’t aided by the truly terrible car. It did manage to get over the line in one qualification and driver Robert Moreno managed 11 race laps of Monaco before the engine conked out.   

The Belgian GP at Spa saw the team owner arrested in the paddock for allegedly forging invoices, this saw Andrea Modi refused entry to the subsequent Italian GP. The team crumbled soon after and disappeared from F1 for good.

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