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Briton’s wishing to cross the channel and visit France over the May bank holiday, the school half term or for the European football tournament should be warned about the fuel crisis occurring right now.

France Petrol WarningsBritons driving are warned to plan ahead and prepare for the huge shortages in multiple types of fuel. As a result of an imposing labour reform there are huge industrial strikes happening across the country. These strikes have resulted in the blockades and short term closing of six of the countries eight oil refineries. Because of this, the country has seen around 52 percent of its 10,244 petrol stations reporting a full or partial petrol loss.

Because of this, there has been fuel restrictions placed on motor owners and an impending possibility that a fuel rationing scheme will occur soon. The RAC and the AA have both stated that they have received calls from British drivers who have broken down because of a lack of fuel. But with a ban on bringing too much fuel with you, not being able to top up that much fuel and safety concerns, what is the best course of action to take when wanting to drive in France?

The best advice is to check with the company who are transporting you to France. In this shortage, more fuel may be carried across the channel which would usually be forbidden. Also, phone the RAC or the AA and get their top tips, and possibly tell them where you are travelling to and by what route in order to allow for emergency recovery if needs be. Furthermore, there is a downloadable app which gives real time information on what areas have fuel and where doesn’t, it may be handy on your journey.

Lastly, be safe and prepare a kit in your car in case you do get stranded…

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