Honda comes out on top in reliability survey 0

When it comes to European drivers, there ain’t no car fonder than a Honda.

Honda have emerged as the most reliable car brand in results from a survey conducted by The Organisation of Consumers and Users which included more than 30,000 European drivers and more than 178 models.

HONDAs-profits-on-the-upThe survey focuses on what technical failures owners had experience in the past year and to chart these kinds of problems drivers had experienced. From the results, they produce a reliability index which can then be used to compare the chances of a breakdown between different models on the market. Emerging as the most reliable car in the survey, Honda received an overall reliability rating of 93 out of 100, and a further 79 per cent of those surveyed said that they would recommend a Honda vehicle.

The Honda Jazz was revealed to be the most reliable model overall, reportedly spending the least amount of time in workshops getting reparations. The Honda Civic and the Honda Insight also proved to be reliable vehicles. The Toyota Prius and the Renault Clio round out the top three models found to be the most reliable. Senior vice president of Honda Motors Europe, Philip Ross, reacted to the survey saying “Reliability and quality are synonymous with Honda…The results of the survey highlight the importance of the quality commitments Honda has made to its customers.”

The survey found that in the 2015, one in three drivers suffered a breakdown – of the vehicular kind, not nervous – and sixteen percent of these breakdowns occurred whilst driving.

Though this is obviously a good thing, and a reliable car is certainly going to be more economical, is it everything? We can’t help feel that a sensible car is kind of like being forced to buy the sensible pair of shoes for school when you really wanted the light-up, Velcro pair.

Do you think there are other factors that come into play when picking a car – design, speed, gadgets?