How safe are convertible cars? 0

Convertibles look sportier, faster and more stylish. They are made the most out of during the summer months. When driving with the top down, drivers like the feel of wind blowing through their hair and the glamour that the car can symbolise. For all that fun, you may feel unsafe.

Inside a normal car, you are under a metal roof which gives important protection. There is a barrier covering you in case of an accident. The chances of head injuries are severely increased if the car was to roll over in a convertible. Passengers could also roll out the car in such an accident. Putting it in another way, if a normal car and a convertible were to roll over, the chances of the accident being fatal to people inside the car are much more increased.

When any type of car overturns it’s always dangerous. However statistics reveal that only a small percentage of accidents involve cars overturning. Even when cars do overturn, again a small percentage ends up in fatalities.

Newer modern convertibles cars are now being made safer with technology. This includes technology to prevent passengers as much as possible from leaving their seats during a rollover. Convertibles are also being made with safety technology that provides extra protection for people who stay within their seats during a rollover. Roll bars which are hidden normally and will usually pop up during an accident. They are located behind seats or within or inside head restraints. If it is sensed that the car is in an accident and is about rollover, the bars will pop out in an attempt to stabilise the car.

BMW, Citroen and Saab are three companies that have began implementing safety technology into their vehicles. The 325Ci, the C3 Pluriel and the 9-3 are models that have had technology implemented to improve its safety.

The way convertibles are manufactured today is designed to prevent an occurrence of a rollover. The steadiness of cars and the way it handles are factors in which may cause a car to rollover. In some ways, convertibles could be safer. The blind spots are reduced and the driver is more aware of their surroundings. This is due to the extra vision and noise provided.

Overall it would seem the potential increased dangers do not put people off driving a convertible. The statistics prove that there isn’t much reason not to drive one. At the same time it is very important that safe driving habits are adopted whereby accidents are prevented as much as possible.

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