How to change oil – Part 2 0

Step 4 – Filter assembly

The next step is to find the filter assembly. There is no standardised location for this part and it may prove difficult to locate. Check the front, back and side of the engine. Once you found it remove it. This isn’t an easy task however, you have to get a firm grip and start spinning the element slowly. A specialised wrench will do the trick if you can’t do this with your hands. The filter will contain oil so beware that you don’t let it drip.

The rubber gasket ring must also be removed with the oil filter as keeping it on will mean that the new oil filter cannot be properly inserted onto the car.

The gasket upon your new oil filter must be lubricated. Once the new oil filter is properly installed, lightly spread some of your new oil onto the new gasket ring.

Pouring a little bit of oil into the filter just before installing it makes for good practice as your engine is more prepared.

Step 5 – Replace the drain plug

The drain plug which is located on the oil pan will need to be replaced. A new gasket or washer will also be needed to replace. The threads shouldn’t be crossed.

Step 6 – Fit the new filter

The new lubricated filter will now need to be screwed on. The threads should not be crossed. Paper cartridge filters will contain an o-ring. Certain filters will have up to four o-rings. They all need to be replaced to avoid leaks. Tightening guidelines should be provided. Tighten until there is a connection with the gasket and follow the guidelines from there. There should be instructions provided.  They will usually say either 2/3’s or ¼ of a turn from when filter touches the gasket. A filter wrench is highly recommended for this specific procedure.

Step 7 – Replacing the oil

The new oil should be poured into the appropriate opening hole. Various cars will need different amounts so ensure you check guidelines.  Checking against the dipstick does not always guarantee the most accurate readings.

After close the hole with the cap and close the bonnet after checking for tools and other pieces

Once you finish, start your engine ensuring the oil light switches off. Look under the car to check for dripping oil. The drain plug and the filter must be tight otherwise there will be a leak.