How to cope with traffic jams? 0

Sitting through a traffic jam can feel like complete agony to many British motorists. The stress caused is typical for drivers every morning when they carry out their normal routines like going to work or going on the school run. Motorists then go through it again when returning home on the same journey. No matter when you hit a traffic jam, whether that is on a daily routine or travelling away, it’s certainly never looked for.

It’s common to be irritated by a traffic jam as many motorists could be running late or indeed late due to a traffic jam. For many motorists there isn’t much escape, as certain routes are necessary for their journey. However there is some guidance which can minimize the aggravation and stress of sitting in a traffic jam.

Remaining calm throughout will allow the driver to stay level headed and not unnecessarily get stressed. Don’t sink to levels of road no matter what someone in the queue may be doing. That isn’t a smart idea as you will be travelling with them for a while. Avoid arguing with fellow passengers within your car too as this causes tension which in turn makes the wait in traffic unbearable. Motorists shouldn’t needlessly irritate other drivers by sounding your horn. It’s absolutely pointless and doesn’t achieve anything.

Indeed there could be ways of avoiding traffic jams.  Before setting off it’s a good idea to check for any traffic updates on your planned route. If there is disruption or traffic then an alternative route can steer clear of any potential traffic. When drivers set off for work, they could avoid the rush hour traffic by changing their work schedule. For example a cut down lunch break or a change of hours means that traffic could be avoided by leaving slightly earlier or later.

Carrying refreshments are always a good idea, just in case you hit a traffic jam for longer than expected. Water and general food items to your taste (e.g. crisp or sweets) will provide energy and keep drivers and passengers alike going. When there are children in the car this is especially a good idea.

When traffic does become too much to bare drivers should consider on a long journey it’s a good idea to stop at car service station. Resting and eating is a more desired choice than sitting through traffic!