How to prepare your car for the summer 0

For the glorious and at times rare sunshine that Britain has to offer, this can bring about an uncomfortable drive. The uncomforting feel inside a car during the summer can be down the blistering heat, with temperatures inside a car being able to reach 40 degrees!

There are measures that could be taken in order to ensure that the discomfort and stress is kept down to a minimum. For example weak car batteries could fail under the immense pressure of heat. It’s a good idea to have it tested and replaced if the results show that the battery is weak. It’s also important to keep your coolant levels topped up to the correct state along with the transmission fluid levels. By doing so your car is less likely to suffer from overheating.

The winter can have an effect on wheel alignment and tyres. Whilst driving during the awkward winter weather surrounded by potholes your tyres may become misaligned and worn. It is a good idea to check their alignment and replace tyres if worn for more improved fuel efficiency and a smoother drive.

The chances of getting a flat tyre during the hot summer weather are increased. The temperature can rise and fall irregularly which can lower the PSI levels due to the air inside the tyres being affected. Recommended PSI levels for each tyre are advised for better fuel efficiency, plus no one wants to endure having a flat tyre during the summer heat, or any other time for that matter.

Lowering the car’s temperature inside during such hot weather can make a huge difference in the comfort and durability for the driver and passengers. This can be achieved by tinting the windows or buying window shades. They are designed to keep the inside of the cooler, meaning you can also save fuel by not running your air conditioner.

The sunshine can also have a damaging effect on the body of the car too. Salt if on the bodywork can be damaging and cause rust, under the heat especially. It’s a good idea to get the car cleaned to remove this specifically.  Keeping the vehicle’s air conditioner serviced is a good idea as there is much less chance of it failing and also it allows it to work more efficiently.This is as important as regular car service. During the summer months hay fever sufferers can endure a very miserable time whilst in a car, therefore making the replacement of the air pollen filter yearly very crucial too.