How to prevent MOT failures in just a few minutes 1

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Ensure your car passes it’s MOT Test by just taking a couple of minutes to go through our 10 checks. Our pointers will help you save time and money by ensuring that your vehicle’s MOT test does not fail needlessly.

MOT checks

1.    Lights

It is estimated that 20% of MOT failures are due to lights being faulty.
Inspect the:
•    Main beam and dipped lights
•    Sidelights
•    Front and Rear lights
•    Rear and side indicators
•    Brake lights

2.    Windscreen

Inspect your windscreen for impairment such as chips or cracks. MOT failure criteria include chips that fall over 10mm the driver’s line of sight or if there are cracks 40mm within the area where wipers are utilised.

3.    Wipers

Wiper blades must be able to clean the whole windshield from one side to the other. Ensure that the rubber is in good condition and not spilt.

4.    Washer Jets

A simple task like making sure the screen wash is topped up to the correct level will help ensure that the vehicle’s MOT passes. Clear any blocked nozzles with a pin.

5.    Steering

Take a few seconds to make sure that the steering wheel is able to be turned completely from one end to the other. Also ensure that the power steering is working by recognising if there any stiffness within the steering wheel.

6.    Fuel

Ensure that the fuel cap is locked tightly. The protective seal within the fuel cap should not be spilt.

7.    Horn

A vehicle’s horn needs to be of a sufficient sound level to grab the attention of fellow road users and pedestrians.

8.    Mirrors

Mirrors need to be properly placed within the vehicle with the correct utensils. The mirror should have any cracks or damage.

9.    Brakes

There are simple steps which anyone can carry out for car brakes. Ensure that the hand brake holds the car up on a hill properly. The rubber on the pedals should not be worn away. ABS warning lights must turn off once the vehicle has started.

10.    Number Plates

The letters and numbers should be clearly visible with no dirt obstructing the plate. Both plates on the front and rear should be properly secured. Letters and number spacing must meet DVLA standards.

MOT with serviceMOT without service