Husband fills wife’s car with cement after she changes her surname 0

Husband-fills-wifes-car-with-cement-after-she-changes-her-surnameIn one of the more bizarre clips circulating on social media at present is one showing a Russian man filling his wife’s car with cement after she changed her surname without his permission. What’s a rather odd tale all round goes something like this:

So, in what was described as a ‘rough patch’ in their marriage, the wife decided to change her surname to that of a Russian supermarket chain (where she worked) to help promote the store.

Still with us? Good. So, her husband didn’t take well to his other half’s rejection of his surname – seeing her new handle of Russian chain store ‘Veniy’ as being somewhat disrespectful – and he responded by filling her car with cement.

Fortunately, and this always seems to be the case with these sorts of stunts, there was someone standing nearby to capture the entire event on their mobile phone. That was lucky wasn’t it?

The clip shows a man, whose name is not revealed, directing a cement mixing lorry as it backs up towards a car. He then positions the chute through the car’s open window.

He gives the order for the lorry to deposit its load of cement through the window before admitting to the camera that he and his wife were going through a ‘rocky patch’.

The supermarket had pledged to pay any customer 50,000 RUB (£703) per month to any customer willing to change their name to that of the store. Ironically, the supermarket’s name translates as ‘Loyalty’.

Almost too perfect isn’t it? Social media is mental. Anyway, watch the clip below and judge for yourself.

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