Jaguar Land Rover to create 750 automotive jobs with new factory 0

Headlines throughout the country have been made thanks to British automotive company Jaguar. They are for very positive reasons indeed, as they announced that 750 automotive jobs will be created from a new engine plant in Wolverhampton being developed. The plant will be built near the M54.

It comes as no surprise that positive news about automotive jobs has made major headlines. It shows a great sign of recovery from the global economic crisis.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, Jaguar has managed to shine. The news today adds to the positivity currently surrounding the company.

This will stem from a £355 million investment from Jaguar, who will pour that money into the plant. Land Rover, who are partners with Jaguar, said that it is part a long term plan to develop a new line of advanced engines. High efficiency in terms of fuel and the environment is what the company are ultimately aiming for. Diesel and petrol engines will be built at the plant. However no technical details have been released. No one yet knows which models the engines will be installed into as of yet either.

This will be a great step forward for the company. At the moment the company’s engines are supplied by Ford.

The addition of jobs will not stop at 750 however. It has been claimed that even more automotive jobs will be added as the factory prospers, with thousands more members staff joining over the years. An ambitious and positive target for Jaguar, it certainly sounds very promising indeed.

Jaguar Land Rover really seem to have a turned a corner. The economic downturn hit all automotive manufactures, but Jaguar Land Rover were affected quite severely. Above all else, this news comes as a great boost for the company prospering and looking to the future.  It was just last year when a Jaguar factory was almost closed. Many are pleased that the company is indeed making money once again. In total £5billion will be invested into new models over the next five years by the company.

At a time where the UK has hit an all-time in terms of employment, this addition of automotive jobswill prove to be welcoming news by all.

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