Jeremy Clarkson launches motoring social media app 0

jeremy-clarkson-launches-motoring-social-media-appEarlier this year Jeremy Clarkson and his The Grand Tour co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May released plans for an ambitious new social media app aimed at petrolheads the world over. The app has now finally been released. ‘Drivetribe’ – as it’s called – is a sort of website/app/social media platform, went live on November 28th.

Basically, the general idea is that you sign in via Facebook, and join six ‘Tribes’ – such as “Hammond’s Foby Jockeys” or “Dogs in cars”, for example. You can then view a range of different content, and vote popular articles higher by commenting, reposting or “bumping” (Drivetribe’s version of an upvote).


The site is still clearly being developed, which is to be expected, but initial impressions are positive with online users describing it as “fun”.

The ‘followers’ aspect and the option to ‘bump’ articles gives the site the site the same competitive flavour as Reddit or Twitter. There’s a decent selection of content to appeal to a wide variety of users (serious car footage for the petrolheads, memes and dog photos for the less devoted).

“The internet is brilliant,” Clarkson said in a press release. “You can watch Pandas sneezing and find out when it’s high water in the Easter Islands.

“But until DRIVETRIBE came along, there’s never been a one- stop-shop for people who like cars.”

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