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When you book a car service or MOT with Servicing Stop, your vehicle is taken care of by a member of our fantastic national network of 1,500 garages,  all staffed by highly trained mechanics.

Our mechanics are clever people, uber skilled in the art of car service and repair; all with an expert knowledge on every make and model.

We’re so proud of our mechanics, we’ve decided to give them their own platform.

Meet James…


James is one of our team of expert mechanics and he’s standing by to share his knowledge with our customers, absolutely free.

If there’s something about your car that’s troubling you, or you just want to be sure about, ask James and he will give you his informed opinion.

Find James on our bi-weekly newsletters. Just type your issue into the box and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Here’s an example of the sort of things James can help you out with:

Paul, Citroen driver : I have a 2007 C1. I’ve recently noticed that it’s difficult to change gears – really have to force gearstick, especially into first, second and third – moving down the gears is less of a problem. Any ideas?

James:  Hi Paul, sounds like you may have a clutch problem brewing here or misaligned gear linkage. I’d recommend having it inspected when you get the chance, especially if the problem gets worse – simply to prevent longer lasting damage.

Anthony, Rover driver: I drive a Rover Streetwise 2litre diesel. Recently, after a severe loss of power, I replaced the air flow meter and everything was fine…for a week. After the next heavy rain it was back to struggling along (& stalling) in low gears. So I disabled/unplugged the air flow meter – and it’s running fine (apart from the yellow light on the dash). What’s the risk? And can I do anything about the engine management light?

James: Hi Anthony, the reason it’s running better is because it’s running at ECU (Engine control unit) default – and isn’t accurately measuring the air intake into the engine. The light is on because the sensor isn’t working. There’s no way of disabling the light unless the problem is cured. In the long term, this could lead to engine problems. I’d recommend having it looked at when you get the chance.

George, Range Rover driver: I have booked my Range Rover vogue for full service and mot.  Will this include a full oil change and what oils will be used

James: Hi George, yes it will. I’ve attached a link to the oil type I’d recommend for your Range Rover.

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