Motorists overwhelmingly back new cycle lanes 0

Motorists-overwhelmingly-back-new-cycle-lanesMotorists are backing the new Dutch-inspired cycle lanes that are currently being painted on roads across the UK.

A new survey conducted by Servicing Stop asked motorists if they agreed with the new plan which has cost more than £913 million in the capital alone; overwhelmingly 80% of motorists said yes.

Servicing Stop also asked the motorists to select the statement that best described their view of the lanes being built on roads that have always predominantly been for vehicles. Almost one third of people believe the lanes make the roads safer while just 7% of all motorists asked thought they were unnecessary.

31% of all motorists asked said that they thought the new cycle lanes would encourage people to cycle and more than a quarter believe that soon there will be no cars on the road at all as cycle lanes would have encouraged people to cycle or walk everywhere.

Pledging even more support for cyclists, 71% of motorists said that cyclists on the road did not bother them at all.

CEO and founder of Servicing Stop, Oly Richmond, said: “The new cycle lanes have divided public opinion since work started at the end of last year. They have cost a great deal of public money and while we cannot yet tell if they will have an effect on the number of road traffic accidents involving cyclists, if motorists are behind the plan then at least both sets of road users will be driving harmoniously.”

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