Named and shamed – the 10 most expensive railway stations to park at 0

Named-and-shamed--the-10-most-expensive-railway-stations-to-park-atParking your car at the station before you begin the monotonous commute into town is a grim reality for many of us. What make the process even grimmer are the exorbitant prices charged by some railway stations for the privilege.

The UK’s most expensive railway station car parks have been revealed in a new survey by complaints service Resolver.

Of 100 commuter towns stations surveyed, taking its place at the summit of rip-off car parks is Reading station which charges £23.70 to park there for the day.

Following some way behind in second place is Southampton Airport Parkway (£15), Guilford (£14.50) then Brighton (£13.50).

Before parking is even considered, passengers are already having their pockets dented following January 2nd this year which saw a 2.3% increase in rail fares.

Resolver founder James Walker said: “With increases on the horizon on everything from household goods to mortgage costs, the people I speak to are really concerned about making ends meet in 2017.

“Though train and parking companies can’t be forced to reduce their prices, you can still recoup some of your losses by remembering your rights and claiming for refunds if you’re delayed or making a complaint if you face an unfair parking charge.”

The 10 most expensive train station car parks in the UK

  1. Reading £23.70
  2. Southampton Airport Parkway £15
  3. Guildford £14.50
  4. Brighton £13.10
  5. Ebbsfleet £12.60
  6.  Coventry £12
  7.  Macclesfield £12
  8. Milton Keynes £10.80
  9. Billericay £10.60
  10. Woking £10.50

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