A Nissan Juke GTR? 1

Nissan rumoured to be developing a super powerful GTR version of one of their family cars, the Nissan Juke.

Dubbed the “Super Juke” the car will be influenced from one of the company’s most powerful and spectacular vehicles, the Nissan GTR. If developed, it will be a pure one off type of project by the company.

Pure power based on the Nissan GTR

There will be a turbocharged engine with it having all-wheel drive capabilities. It has been widely rumoured that the new Juke will contain a slightly less powerful version of the Nissan GTR’s engine, with being able to produce 480 BHP, not far off the GTR’s 530 BHP capability. This makes the car even more powerful than the Porsche 911.

It will be to reach 0-62mph in just 4 seconds, a time which is halved when compared to the current fastest Juke, the 1.6 Litre DiG-T and is able to reach a top speed of near 170mph.

What will the car look like?

If it is to be based upon the Nissan GTR, you can certain that the car will have huge wheels. Images also show that the car will have a full GTR body kit, which includes a neat boot spoiler, stylish side skirts and an aggressive looking front splitter.

Just rumours or fact?

Keep in mind that at the moment some of the developments of the car are said to be just rumours. Nissan have mentioned that are still plenty of discussions and analysis further ahead regarding the subject.

It is worth noting that some sources claim that the car is already under development by Nissan Europe, with it expected to be debuted before the close of the year. There are other rumours that the car will be purely for testing and research purposes, rather than throwing it into production.

Is the car actually worth being put into development? Who needs a car within that particular mould and class as powerful as the GTR? Combining the two cars from completely different ends of the scale seems like the stuff of fantasy.

On the other hand many would certainly to love a GTR version of the Nissan Juke to be developed. It will be a very unique car, if it was ever to be developed.